Existing Homes

Attic Insulation

GreenSaver has literally insulated thousands of attics in the GTA and surrounding areas.

Many of Toronto’s top roofing companies rely on GreenSaver to solve their clients “ice damming”, condensation, mould, and comfort problems.

Our services include:

  • “topping up” insulation to meet the current code
  • insulation, air sealing and ventilation packages
  • complete removal of all types of existing insulation & debris
  • “hybrid” combination of closed cell spray foam (for the air & vapour barrier) plus cellulose insulation or spray foaming the “roof deck” to bring attic space inside the “building envelope”
  • spray foaming ductwork in the attic

GreenSaver uses blown in insulation which is manufactured in the GTA without the creation of pollutants.

Cellulose insulation is classified by Environment Canada as “environmentally friendly” and is a healthy choice for builders and consumers.

Existing Walls and Roof Cavities: Dense Packed Cellulose

Dense packed cellulose is an effective method for insulating wood framed walls, flat roofs, and sloped ceilings in existing homes.  GreenSaver uses the state of the art “tubing” method to ensure cavities are completely filled and to the proper density. The result is: no “cold” spots, greatly reduced air leakage, and the elimination of “settling”. We include both the drilling of all holes required and the “patching” afterwards. This method sets GreenSaver apart from most other insulation companies.

Existing Walls and Roof Cavities: Narrow Cavity Wall Foam

For double brick and brick/ block walled homes that are uninsulated, GreenSaver offers “NCFT” insulation. The method is similar to installing dense pack cellulose except that for the narrow cavities (3/4- 2”) we inject 2 lb. closed cell polyurethane foam. The foam has a very high R value, acts as an air barrier, and inhibits mold due to its low vapour permeance

Spray Foam

GreenSaver offers both 2 lb “closed cell” and ½ lb “open cell” spray foams. Our services range from insulating a “cold & uncomfortable” overhang or garage ceiling to complete custom homes and small commercial projects

2 lb “closed cell” spray foam is an “all-in-one” insulation as it also provides an excellent air & vapour barrier. This means it does not require an additional plastic (or other ) vapour barrier for new construction or renovation projects in Ontario. It may also be used in unvented roof assemblies. It provides an excellent air & vapour barrier for attic floors in both new and existing homes and is a superior way to insulate ductwork in unconditioned spaces such as attics and crawlspaces.

½ lb. “open cell” spray foam, although not a vapour barrier, is an excellent air barrier and very effective in reducing “sound transmission”

Both spray foams also offer the following:

  • Inhibit mold growth and seal out dust & pollen
  • Controlled, comfortable living environments
  • Expand to seal all cracks, gaps and voids in walls and ceilings which conventional insulation methods do not
  • Creates air tight bond with surfaces
  • manufactured in Canada
  • Conform to National Building Code and exceed Canada’s quality std CAN/ULC S705.1
  • Conform to Canadian Government’s Zero ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances)

Our experienced installers are fully trained & certified by CUFCA and adhere to all proper spray foam processes and protocols.


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